What Power Plugs Are Available?

All of our lights come with a UK 3 pin plug.

Which Countries Do You Deliver To?

Currently we only deliver to addresses in the UK but a site is in the works for our European customers and will be available soon.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

For delivery times and all other delivery information please click here.

Can Your Lights Be Connected Together?

No, our lights cannot be connected together.

Do You Sell Spare Bulbs?

No, we do not sell spare bulbs as all of our lighting products use energy efficient LED bulbs, these last up to 40 x longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

What Is Your Returns Policy?

To view our returns policy please click here

Do You Offer Express Delivery?

For UK customers we do offer a next working day delivery service, for full details please click here

Can Your lights be Used Outside?

Our lights are not water resistant so are best suited for indoor use but could be used outside temporarily in dry weather. They must be brought back inside after use though as they are not suitable for year round use outside.

Are Your Lights Battery Operated?

No, at this time all of our lights are mains operated. We are looking to offer battery powered lights in the near future.

What Payment Options Are There?

Our payments are processed via Paypal. Payments can be made via Credit card/Debit card and also via your paypal account.

Do all the themes work with the latest version of WP and Woo Commerce?

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Another nice question in this faq page

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Do you provide free support for your themes?

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