Fairy lights (otherwise known as string lights), are beautiful, flexible, and bring to mind festivity and joy. Not only are they stylish and attractive decorations, fairy lights are extremely versatile, can be placed in a multitude of indoor and outdoor locations, and can help bring your creative vision for your function, store or living space to life.

Although fairy lights are traditionally best known for adorning the Christmas tree during the holiday season, modern string lighting has moved above and beyond the tiny bulbs of our childhood. Here at Flowerglow, we not only stock the very best in both traditional and unusual string lighting solutions, we are also committed to bringing our customers the very best in modern design and flexibility.

When choosing the right kind of lighting for your needs, keep in mind that the location and usage of your fairy lights will play a necessary role in the selection process.

It’s likely that you have a fair idea of the style of your desired lighting, and the location in which you plan to place it. The beauty of fairy lights is in their ability to transform a plain space into something magically gorgeous, while setting the scene with both the mood and flavour you desire.

Let your living area take on an exotic Asian flair with beautiful Chinese paper lantern fairy lights.

If you’re looking to bring the sensual beauty of a garden retreat into your home, consider rose fairy lights or flower fairy lights. Each stunning rose is painstakingly put together using real leaves from the rubber tree. These exquisite, glowing blooms are perfect for your bedroom or even as a unique table centrepiece that absolutely drips with romance.

At the height of contemporary elegance, you can find our rattan fairy lights or sleek globe fairy lights. Available in both understated earth tones and bright and cheerful colours, these classic spheres are perfect for just about any location.

Before making your purchase, be sure to measure exactly how long you need your string lighting to be. Using a flexible measuring tape can be ideal for this process, as it can be used to drape around structures in much the same way as you will place your new lights.

When going through this process, make sure to consider how far your desired location will be from a power outlet. Powering your beautiful fairy lights should be at the forefront of your decision making process. Most modern, indoor fairy lights will have a lead wire length of around 1 meter, so it’s good to keep in mind that you may need to invest in a good quality extension lead.

There is nothing worse than buying a string of lights, only to find that half of your bulbs have blown the first time you switch them on!

Fortunately, when you buy fairy lights from Flowerglow, you can be assured that our beautiful lighting is of the highest quality standards. Our bulbs have a projected lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and our wiring is CE Certified.

Choosing the right fairy lights for your home or function is a fun and rewarding experience if you remember to shop to your style, be aware of power requirements, and only buy from reputable retailers.

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